Buchanan of Drummakill: 'God with my Right'

Buchanan Cadet of Leny: 'Junabitur Audax' ( Delight in the Bold )

Buchanan Chirurgeon and Baillie of Stirling: 'Secundo Curo' ( I Prosper and am Cautious )

Buchanan of Milton: 'Ducitur Hinc Honos' ( Hence Honour is Derived )

Buchanan of Drumhead: 'Par Sit Fortuna Labori' ( Let the Success be Equal to the Labout )

Buchanan of Drumpelier: 'Audaces Juvo' ( I Assist the Bold )

Buchanan of Ballat: 'Sanguine Inscribam' ( I Wrote in Blood )

Buchanan (descended from family of Buchanan): 'Nuntius Pacis' ( A Messenger of Peace )

Buchanan of Ardoch: 'Clarior Sequor' ( I Follow Brighter Things )

Buchanan of Achleshie & Arnprior: 'Virtute Gladii Pari / Nobilis Est Ira Leonis' ( Above the Shield: Equal to the Sword of Valour / Below the Shield: The Wrath of the Lion is Noble)

Buchanan Cadet of Drummakill: 'Audax Omnia Perpeti' ( Daring to Endure all Things )

Gray-Buchanan of Scotstown: 'Clarior Sequor / Fast' ( I Follow Brighter Things [Buchanan] / Fast [Gray] )

Fergusson-Buchanan of Aucentorlie: 'Dulcius Ex Asperis' ( Sweeter Because Obtained by Hardship )

Leith-Buchanan of Ross Priory & Drummakill: 'Trusty to the End / God with my Right'

Buchanan-Dunlop Cadet of Drumhead: 'E Spinis' ( From Among the Thorns )

Murray-Buchanan of Leny: 'Ex Bello Quies' ( Peace Arises out of War )

Buchanan-Smith: 'Macte' ( Go Forward )

Buchanan Cadet of Drummakill: 'Pro Me Si Merior In Me' ( For Me or Against Me )

Buchanan Cadet of Drummakill: 'Veritas Vincit' ( Truth will Conquer )

Buchanan of Carbeth: 'Audacia Et Industria' ( By Boldness and Hard Work )

Alexander James MacDonald-Buchanan of Strathconon: 'Bibi Si Sapis' ( Constant My Faith )

Major Stephen Buchanan 'Soilleire Ann An Criosd' ( Brightest in Christ )