A Scots Roll of 1455

A Scots Roll - This Heraldic Roll of the 15th c ( 1455 ) contains 144 coats of arms, amongst which is a coat of arms in the name of BACHANANE. This is obviously an early spelling of Buchanan and the arms are most definitely those of Buchanan The blazon is of interest as it alludes to the CBSI inc. assumed Banner where groutty Sable appear. The blazon is - Or, a lion rampant Sable groutty Or within a double tressure flory counter flory Sable

Roll Number is SC057

In none heraldic language the blazon would read - Gold a lion rampant Black scattered with golden tears all within a border flory counter flory Black. This blazon draws to mind the Banner ( assumed ) which is used by the CBSI inc. and which predates the arms grant by Lyon Court.

The banner shows - Or a lion rampant Sable armed and langued Gules charged with five groutte Argent all within a double tressure flory counter flory Sable. The groutte in silver represent sorrow for the death of Murdoch. It would be interesting to ascertain who authorised this Banner.