Sir Andrew Buchanan


Sir Andrew Buchanan (1807-1882) and member of the Buchanan's of Auchintorlie through Drumhead - Cadets of Leny. Created a Baronet in 1878. Married twice:
1. 1839 to Francis Catherine ( died 1845 ) daughter of The Very Rev. Edward Mellish Dean of Hereford and had issue.
2. 1857 Hon. Georgina Elizabeth Stuart daughter of Lord Balantyre. He entered the diplomatic service in 1825 and spent his early career in Constantinople and Corfu. He was in St Petersburg from 1838 to 1841, when he moved to Florence, before returning to St Petersburg in 1844. In 1852 he moved to the Swiss Confederation, and in 1853 to Denmark.

After service in Madrid from 1858 and subsequently in the Hague from 1860, he held postings in Prussia (1862), Russia (1864) and Austria (1871-1878).
Sir George Buchanan (1854-1924), fifth son to Sir Andrew, was also a diplomat. He was stationed with his family at the court of Emperor Nikolai II at the outbreak of the Russian Revolution in 1917. His daughter, Meriel Buchanan (1886-1959) subsequently wrote about their experiences at this time. see - Dissolution of Empire The Buchanan family was connected by marriage with the Mellishes of Hodsock Priory in Nottinghamshire, and succeeded the Mellishes there when the last of that family died.