Buchanan Donald William (1908-1966 )

Born Lethbridge Alberta, Canada April 9 1908. Educated at University of Toronto and at Oxford University. He founded the National Film Society of Canada 1n 1935 and from 1937 to 1940 was supervisor of the Talks and Public Affairs Division of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and later was with the National Film Board as supervisor of rural circuits and displays. He published three books on Canadian painters, James Wilson Morrice ( 1937 ); Canadian Painters ( 1946 ); and The Growth of Canadian Painting ( 1950 ) He also published Documentary and educational films in Canada ( 1952 ); Design for use in Canadian products ( 1945 ). He joined the staff of the National Gallery of Canada in 1947 and retired as associate director in 1960. His first photoraphic exhibtion, A not always reverent journey ( 1959 ) received wide acclaim

The Honourable J. Judd Buchanan - P.C., B.A. Econ,. M.B.A.

Chairman, CNG Fuel Systems, converting of vehicles to use compressed natural gas, training mechanics to do conversions, establishing refuelling centres and manufacturing compressors. Director of a number of companies he was born at Edmonton Alberta July 25 1929.