George Buchanan ( 1890 - 1955 ) Social Reformer

By the Peace Treaties. We were all Puritans. We were all abstainers.
Most of us did not smoke. We were the stuff of which reform is made.

George Buchanan was born in Glasgow , Scotland in 1890. After leaving school he became a patten maker.
George knew the human side of poverty and worked throughout his life to better the condition of his fellow Scotsman.
He joined the Independent Labour Party and began working closely with other socialists in Glasgow George Buchanan was vice-chairman of Glasgow Trade Council and represented Gorbals on the City Council (1919-23). In the 1922 General Election Buchanan was elected to the House of Commons for Gorbals.
In 1932 Buchanan became chairman of the United Pattern makers Association of Great Britain. A position he held for sixteen years. In 1939 Buchanan joined the Labour Party. Following the 1945 General Election, the new prime minister, Clement Attlee , appointed Buchanan as Under-Secretary of State for Scotland. He also served as Minister of Pensions (October 1947 to July 1948). Buchanan retired from Parliament in 1948 to became Chairman of the National Assistance Board (1948-1953).
George Buchanan died on 28th June 1955 aged 65