Created 1st. Lord Woolavington in 1922 - began his career in 1879 as agent for a whiskey firm. Charm, diligence, and patience and the creation of a blend, that in his own words, was 'sufficiently light and old to please the palate' brought him one of the largest fortunes in Britain.

James Buchanan put his blend in a black bottle with a white label leading to what we know today as 'Black and White Whiskey'.

He gave generously to Edinburgh University, Middlesex Hospital and he restored St.George's Chapel Windsor. However is was his interest in horses and art for which he is best remember.

In 1903 he purchased Lavington Park in Sussex and formed a racing stud which probably stimulated him to become one of the greatest collectors of English sporting art of all time.

Lord Woolavington died in 1935 and left his art collection to his daughter Catherine and her husband, Major ( later Sir) Reginald Macdonald-Buchanan. Together they purchased Cottesbrooke Hall built about 1710, which provided a perfect setting for the family and their growing collection.

Lord Woolavington laid the foundations upon which they have spectacularly built. Later generations have continued to build on the art collection and it continues to be maintained by the new generation of Alastair and Sheran Macdonald-Buchanan.