The Buchanans of Ardoch are descended from William Buchanan, first of Ardoch who was the eldest son of Thomas Buchanan of Gartincaber. The family are Cadets of Drummakill, via Gartincaber, Blairlusk, and Carbeth.
John Buchanan of Ardoch, the bearer of these arms was fifth of Ardoch. He was born 1761 and married in 1785 Elizabeth Parkes. By this marriage he had, (1) Mary who married Robert Finlay, (2) John, and two daughters who died unmarried.
John Buchanan of Ardoch took a leading part in the affairs of Dunbartonshire, and was appointed in 1794 as Deputy Lieutenant, and in 1820 Vice Lieutenant of the County. In 1821 he was elected M.P. for the county. During his life time he purchased the estate of Balloch and built Balloch castle which until recently was in the possession of the Finlay family. He died in 1839.
Arising out of this family we have the families of Gray-Buchanan and Parkes-Buchanan. The head of the family of Ardoch was at one time John Parkes-Buchanan.

The arms are recorded in Lyon Register Volume 1, Page 557, 29 April 1791

THE ARMS: Or, a lion rampant Sable, in his dexter forepaw a dagger Proper, within the Royal tressure of the second, all within a bordure invected Gules

THE CREST: Two hands grasping a two-handed sword Proper.

THE MOTTO: 'Clariora Sequor' ( I follow brighter things )

These arms also appear in the name of John Bernard Parkes-Buchanan but with the additional motto 'Prosecute or Perish'. See 'Armorial Families', where it is claimed that Parkes-Buchanan is heir-male of Ardoch, heir-of-line of Buchanan of Ibert, elder brother and co-heir of the great Master George Buchanan, Keeper Privy Seal of Scotland (1571-1578 ).