A.W.P Buchanan Kings Council & Advocate at the Canadian Bar, author of ”The Buchanan Book• and ”The Later Leaves of The Buchanan Book• resided in 1937 at 1583 Pine Avenue West, Montreal, Quebec Canada. He was born 4 November 1870, and married 2 June 1897, Bertha Louise Quirin. His father, Alexander Brock Buchanan ( wife Elizabeth Ann Best) was the fourth son of Alexander Buchanan, Queen‘s Counsel & Judge of the Court of Requests of Lower Canada, and his wife Mary Ann Buchanan daughter of James Buchanan H.M. Consul in New York.
The Honourable Alexander Buchanan was the eldest son of Dr. John Buchanan, Surgeon 49th. Regiment of Foot & Physician to the Forces at Quebec, and his wife Lucy Richardson. Dr. John Buchanan was born 1769, and was the fourth son Alexander Buchanan of Eccles Green near Fintona, County Tyrone in Ireland. Alexander Buchanan born 1716, was younger brother to Robert Buchanan, and Beaver Buchanan both of Fintona.
It is noted that on 3 March 1932 Charles Alexander Buchanan of Touch (direct descendant of said Beaver Buchanan) recorded arms in the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland wherein it is set forth that the above mentioned Robert, Beaver and Alexander were the sons of William Buchanan of Fintona, who was the second son of William Buchanan 3rd. of Blairvockie.
William Buchanan was the third son of Walter Buchanan 1st of Blairvockie and that the eldest son Walter 2nd of Blairvockie died with out issue. Walter Buchanan 1st. of Blairvockie was the fourth son of Walter Buchanan 1st of Spittal, brother german to George Buchanan of that Ilk.
George Buchanan of that Ilk was lineally descended from Sir Walter Buchanan of that Ilk & his wife Isobel daughter and eventual heiress in blood of Murdoch, Duke of Albany.
That Sir Walter Buchanan was the eldest son of John Buchanan, younger, of that Ilk, and his wife Janet Lennie of that Ilk.
The petition requests that the arms of John Buchanan of that Ilk recorded 10 December 1675 be suitable differenced with the arms of Lennie of that Ilk, and Stewart of Albany, and that they might be recorded of new in the Public Register in his own name.
The arms of Arthur William Patrick Buchanan are the same as those for Charles Alexander Buchanan of Touch, but with a difference in the bordure, quarterly first and fourth embattled Gules; second and third invected Ermine.
The arms are recorded in Lyon Register Volume 32, Page 55,10 June 1937.

THE ARMS: Quarterly, first and fourth, Or, a lion rampant Sable, within a double tressure flory counterflory of the second; second, Sable, a chevron between three bear‘s heads erased Argent, muzzled Gules; third, Or, a lion rampant Gules surmounted of a fess chequy Azure and Argent; in the centre of the quarters a bear‘s head erased Proper, muzzled Gules; the whole within a bordure quarterly first and fourth embattled Gules, second and third invected Ermine.

THE CREST: A dexter hand holding a ducal cap within two laurel branches disposed orleways all Proper.

THE MOTTOES: Above the crest: 'Audaces Juvo' ( I assist the bold. ) Below the shield: 'Clario Hinc Honos' ( Hence the brighter honour.)

These arms are also matriculated in the name of Erskine Brock Quirin Buchanan, son of Arthur William Patrick Buchanan above,and are listed in Lyon Register Volume 54, Page 90, 5 April 1971