Clan Buchanan Y DNA Project: New Direction (10 Years On)

This article gives some insight on results to date using STR tests, but more importantly it out-lines the aspirations of the project to map out the Buchanan Family Tree using modern SNP testing technology. The project has gained huge traction and is one of the leading surname genetic genealogy projects in the world. We have access to a very knowledgeable individual who is interpreting our results voluntarily. We are tracking down and testing pedigreed individuals from the main cadet lines so that everyone can benefit from their results.

Testing the modern SNP mutations on the Y chromosome brings about the following benefits to our Clan Buchanan members:

  • Identifies whether or not one's Buchanan lineage is descended from the chiefly line or from one of the other Buchanan groups.
  • Provides a developing knowledge of how the clan fits into the overall picture relative to other families (eg MacGregors).
  • Instructs a developing knowledge of which lines represent which cadet branches of the clan.
  • Helps establish a link to one of these cadet lines to help direct genealogical efforts using paper records and written genealogies such as Auchmar's account of the clan from 1723 and Guthrie Smith's continuation of this work in the 1800s.
  • Allows connection to other Buchanans around the world who are shown to be closely related for pooling genealogical information.
  • Provides newly discovered mutations specific to particular lines which can then be easily/cost-effectively used to check if groups of Buchanans are related or not ie "the Buchanans in the next town over - I've always wanted to know if we are the same line".
  • Provides access to what can become a life-long hobby as new results and developments occur all the time.
  • Creates a potential means for identifying descendants of the Auchmar line - the last line to come off the chiefly line before the main line was extinguished.

The DNA therefore offers, in combination, a strong set of tools for helping any effort to discover/re-establish the chiefly line within Clan Buchanan and for individual members to delve more deeply into their genealogy and origins.

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Buchanan SNP Family Tree     [Sept 2016]