WILLIAM CROSS-BUCHANAN ( Cadet of Drummakill )

The family of Cross-Buchanan is descended through Buchanan of moss amd Aucintoshen, and are cadets of Drummakill. The first of this family was John Buchanan of Ballacondochie son of Thomas Buchanan fifth of Drummakill who married Margaet daughtee of Robert Buchanan of Leny, John and Margaret and two sons, (1) John who succeeded (2) Walter. John ( Johnne ) Buchanan, notary in Ballacondochie, married Jean hamilton and had by her four sons, (1) Walter, (2) John of Balfunning, (3) William, (4) Thomas. Walter Buchanan succeeded his father before 1663 and married twice (1) Janet Finlayson, (2) Margaret Galbraith He has issue (1) Walter (2) John of Carstoun (1) Elizabeth who married John Weir (2) Margaret who married Patrick Muirhead. John and Elizabeth may have been by his second marriage Margaret most certainly was. Walter died before his father in 1669. He married Jean Hamilton daughter of William Hamilton of Auchintoshan, and had two children. (1) Walter and a daughter Margaret. Walter Buchanan of Moss and Auchintoshan married 1696 Rebecca Hamilton by whom he had a son George. George Buchanan of Moss and Auchintoshan born 1697 married in 1731 Mary Buchanan daughter of George Buchanan in Glasgow. ancestor of Auchentorlie, Craigend, and Drumpelier, and had six sons. The fifth son Neil being the only one to survive. Neil Buchanan of Auchintoshan married Anne Murray and died in 1777 a few days after his wife. He left two daughters (1) Mary who died (2) Anne. Anne Buchanan of Auchintoshan was born 1774 and married in 1793 William Cross, mercant in Glasgow, and died in 1810 having had four sons and three daughters, (1) John Cross-Buchanan (2) Neil Cross, (3) William Cross, (4) Richard Cross, (1) Anne, (2) Mary, (3) Marion. John Cross-Buchanan of Auchintoshan succeeded his father in 1813, and married in 1842 Jean Wardrop. The couple had (1) William Cross-Buchanan C.E. who married Mary Jane King.
The arms are recorded in the Public Register of all Arms and Bearings in Scotland ( Lyon Register ) Volume 7, Page 64, 3 May 1867.

THE ARMS: Quarterly, first and fourth, Or, a lion rampant Sable, armed and langued Gules, holding in its dexter paw a cinquefoil Ermine, wuthin a double tressure flory counterflory of the second, second and third, Argent, a raven wings endorsed Proper, between four cross crosslets fitchée Gules, one two and one.

THE CREST: A cubit arm erect Proper holding a sword also Proper, hilted and pommelled Or.
THE MOTTO: God with my Right.