Claude Buchanan has for many years been researching the connections between the various Buchanan lines and has made a particular study of Buchanan heraldry; an aspect of the Clan history which has not been approached by other researchers in any depth. The results of his investigation are given here on this web site with illustrations to a very high standard by Roger Barnes. The work is therefore a comprehensive account of those of the name who have recorded Armorial Bearings in the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland since its establishment in 1672. It shows the wide use of heraldry made during the last 300 years by members of the Buchanan Clan.

The work will, I am sure, be of great benefit to all those interested in particular Buchanan genealogy aand heraldry and to a wider audience interested in the development of heraldry as shown by the use of Arms in a specific "one-name" group.

Claude Buchanan is to be commended on producing what has been a labour of love for the benefit of all of his name.

Elizabeth Rhodes
Lyon Clerk - Keeper of the Records - Garrick Pursuivant