The Buchanan Society was originally promoted by four Buchanan brothers of the family of George Buchanan and his wife Mary Maxwell. The four brothers were, George, Andrew, Neil, and Archibald. The Society, the first Clan Society of its type in Scotland, as the name denotes, is composed of individuals of the name and Clan of Buchanan. It was instituted in Glasgow on 5 March 1725 with the object of providing for the support of less fortunate members of the Clan, and to assist boys of the name and Clan in their education at school, and those of promising calibre at University or otherwise. From the outset, the main purpose of the Society has been to benefit persons other than its members, and this holds good to this day. In 1752, the Society applied for, and obtained from the City of Glasgow a seal of Cause or Charter.
The Society appears to have used and displayed the Armorial Bearings of Buchanan of that Ilk as the arms of the Society. This was highly irregular because the Society had never registered arms in the Court of the Lord Lyon, and most certainly had no right to use the arms of the chief of the Clan. In 1917, the Society, encouraged by Lord Lyon King of Arms, petitioned the Lord Lyon for a grant of arms of Buchanan of that Ilk which it had used for some time. The petition was granted with a difference as depicted herein. Although supporters are not usually granted to Societies, Lord Lyon did, on this occasion, grant their use.
The arms are recorded in Lyon Register Volume 23, Page 27, 23 May 1917.

THE ARMS: Or, a lion rampant Sable, armed and langued Gules, in the dexter chief point an open book Proper, leaved of the third, and in the sinister chief point a purse Proper, tasselled of the third, all within a double tressure flowered and counterflowered of the second.

THE CREST: A dexter hand holding up a ducal cap, tufted on the top with a rose slipped, within two branches of laurel disposed orleways, all Proper.

SUPPORTERS: Two falcons Proper, armed Argent, jessed and belled Gules and perched on two blocks also Proper.

THE MOTTO: Above the shield: 'Audaces Juvo' ( I assist the bold.) Below the shield: 'Clario Hinc Honos' ( Hence the brighter honour.)

Note: Girls of the Clan are today granted assistance.