Words in capitals refer to those entries

Annulet: A plain ring, but "STONED" if it has a jewel on its upper edge.
Argent: Silver, but nearly always shown as white.
Armed: Of beaks, talons,claws (see LION); in armour.
As Many: The same as the last mentioned number.
Azure: Blue.

Barbed: Of the sepals ( green if "PROPER" ) appearing between the outer edges of the petals of a ROSE; of the head of an arrow.
Base: The lower part of a FIELD; An ORDINARY occupying the lower part
( approx. one forth ) of a FIELD. ( See also IN BASE ).
Beaked: Of a tincture of a birds' beak.
Belled: Of the bells on a falcon's leg.
Bend: A diagonal band from DEXTER CHIEF to SINISTER BASE. ( See also IN BEND and PER BEND )
Bend Sinister: A diagonal band from SINISTER CHIEF to DEXTER BASE
Bordure: A broad band at and along the outer edges of a FIELD.

Canton: An ORDINARY of square shape ( but smaller than a QUARTER ) in the upper DEXTER corner.
Cap of Dignity: Cap of Maintenance; Cap of State: DUCAL CAP.
Charge: An object on a shield.
Charged: With a CHARGE on it.
Chequy: Divided vertically and horizontally into small squares of two alternate TINCTUREs, except on a CHEVRON, a BEND, a BEND SINISTER, and a SALTIRE in which case the dividing lines are usually parallel to and at right angles to the edges of those ordinaries. ( See also COMPONY )
Chessed: JESSED.
Chevron: An ORDINARY shaped like an inverted V.
Chief: The upper part of a FIELD; AN ORDINARY occupying the upper part ( approx. one third ) of a FIELD. ( See also IN CHIEF ).
Cinquefoil: A figure having five leaves or petals.
Compony: Where an ORDINARY is divided into areas ( in a single row ) of two TINCTURES alternately. When in two rows, it is "Counter compony" When in three or more rows, it is CHEQUY.
Conjoined: Joined.
Contourné; Contourny: Turned to face the SINISTER.
Couché: On a slant.
Countercharged: Where the FIELD is divided into two TINCTURES and the CHARGES
( or parts thereof ) laid on it have their tinctures reversed.
Counter Compony: ( See COMPONY ).
Counterflory; Counterflowered: FLORY COUNTERFLORY.
Counter quartered: Where a QUARTER is itself QUARTERLY.
Couped: Cut off cleanly.
Crescent: A stylised crescent moon with points upwards.
Cross: An ORDINARY consisting of a PALE and a FESS CONJOINED.
Cross crosslet: A CROSS, the limbs of which are COUPED and are themselves crossed.
( See FITCHEÉ ).
Cubit arm: A human arm from the elbow to and including the hand.

Dexter: Right ( hand, paw, etc.); Right side ( from the point of view of the person behind the shield).
Displayed: ( of a bird ) with wings spread.
Double Tressure: Two TRESSURES, one inside the other.
Ducal cap: A Cap, usually red or purple, with an ERMINE TURNUP and two tails, and often with a tuft/tassel on top.
Ducal coronet: A coronet of four stylised strawberry leaves ( one complete leaf and two halves visible ) set on a rim. It does not imply ducal rank.

Eagle displayed: An eagle with wings outstretched.
Embattled: Resembling the battlements of a castle.
Endorsed: Back to back.
Engrailed: A scalloped edge of an ORDINARY, with its points outward from the ordinary.
Erased: Torn off roughly.
Erect(ed): Upright, with points, claws, etc. upward.
Ermine: A fur consisting of black, highly-stylised ermine tails ( "spots" ) on a white FIELD.
Erminois: ERMINE but with gold, not a white, FIELD.
Escutcheon: A shield.

Faced; Facing: ( See TURNUP ).
Fess: A horizontal band across the centre of a FIELD. ( See also IN FESS ).
Fess Point: The centre point of a FIELD.
Field: The surface of a shield, a QUARTER, or an ORDINARY. ( See also OF THE FIELD ).
Fifth,of the: ( SEE OF THE FIRST ).
First: the first ( DEXTER CHIEF ) QUARTER.
First, of the: ( SEE OF THE FIRST ).
Fitcheé: Where the lower limb of a CROSS CROSSLET is replaced by a point.
Flory counterflory: Decorated with fleurs-de-lys pointing in alternate directions.
Fouled: ( of an anchor ) Where the cable is entwined around the shaft.
Fourth: The fourth ( SINISTER BASE ) QUARTER.
Fructed: Bearing fruit.
Fusil: A narrow LOZENGE.

Galley: LYMPHAD.
Garb: A sheaf of wheat.
Glory: ( See SUN ).
Gorged: Collared.
Goutte: A droplet of liquid.
Grandquarter: One of the main QUARTERS where it is itself QUARTERED. ( See also COUNTER QUARTERED ).
Gyron: One of the parts of a GYRONNY FIELD.
Gyronny of eight: A FIELD divided both QUARTERLY and PER SALTIRE.
Gules: Red.

Heart: Shown in stylised form, as on a playing card.

In base: In the lower part of a FIELD.
In bend: In the direction of a BEND; but in a crest, usually in the direction of a BEND SINISTER.
In chief: In the upper part of a FIELD.
Indented: A dividing line or edge of an ORDINARY consisting of small zigzags.
In fess: Horizontally, or arranged in a horizontal row.
Ingrailed: ENGRAILED.
In pale: Vertically, or arranged in a vertical row.
In saltire: In the form of a SALTIRE.
Invected: A scalloped edge of an ORDINARY, with its points in towards the ordinary ( sometimes "Invecked" ).
Issuant: Issuing.

Jessed: Having jesses ( leather straps fitted to the legs of falcon's ).

Langued: Tongued. ( See LION ) Last: ( See OF THE LAST ).
Leaved: Of the leaves of a plant or of a book.
Lion: A highly-stylised representation of the natural beast. Unless otherwise blazoned, a lion is depicted ARMED and LANGUED GULES, but if the LION or the FIELD on which it is placed is A GULES, the lion is depicted armed and langued AZURE.
Lozenge: The same shape as a diamond on a playing card.
Lymphad: An ancient ship, highly-stylised. Also called a "Galley".
Lyon: LION.

Martlet: A bird resembling a house-martin, with its leg feathers but no legs.
Membered: Of the legs of a bird of prey.
Mount: A grassy hillock.
Mullet: A star shaped figure with five straight but tapering points, and (usually) no centre hole. ( See also SPUR REVEL, SPUR ROWEL, and STAR ).
Muzzled: Wearing a muzzel.

Naiant: Swimming horizontally.

Of the field: Of the same TINCTURE as the FIELD.
Of the first, second, etc: Of the same TINCTURE as the first, second, etc. tincture mentioned ( within that QUARTER, if describing a QUARTERED shield).
Of the last: Of the same TINCTURE as the last previously mentioned tincture.
One, two and one: Arranged one above two above one.
Or: Gold, ( often represented by yellow ).
Orleways: ( of branches ) Arranged around the sides of an object.

Pale: A vertical band down the centre of a FIELD. ( See also IN PALE and PER PALE ).
Paleways: Vertically.
Per bend: Divided from DEXTER CHIEF to SINISTER CHIEF.
Per pale: Divided vertically.
Per saltire: Divided into four parts by two diagonal lines. ( See also SALTIRE ).
Plate: A roundel ARGENT.
Proper: In natural or usual TINCTURE, but stylised, e.g. A HEART Proper is red.
Purpure: Purple.

Quarter: One of the parts of a QUARTERED FIELD.
Quartered; Quarterly: A division of a FIELD by vertical and horizontal lines into four parts.
Quatrefoil: A figure having four leaves or petals.

Rampant: ( of a lion etc. ) Rearing up on its left hind leg.
Revel: ( See SPUR ).
Rising: ( of a bird ) Taking flight with wings open.
Rose: The stylised flower BARBED and SEEDED only, unless "SLIPPED" and/or "LEAVED".
Rowel: ( See SPUR ).

Sable: Black.
Saltire: An ORDINARY consisting of a BEND and a BEND SINISTER CONJOINED. ( See also IN SALTIRE and PER SALTIRE ).
Second: The second ( SINISTER CHIEF ) quarter.
Second, of the: ( See OF THE FIRST, SECOND etc. ) Seeded: Of the seeds ( the central part, gold if "PROPER" of a ROSE.
Sinister: Left ( hand, paw, etc. ); Left side ( from behind the shield ). Slipped: (of a flower or plant ) With a stalk. Often shown as if torn from the main stem.
Spiked defence: ( Probably) A metal object ( with four spikes ) which when thrown to the ground would land with one spike upwards, the intention being to maim the horses' hooves. Also called a "Caltrap".
Spur revel; Spur rowel: A MULLET with a central circular hole.
Star: A MULLET with no central hole.
Stoned: ( Of an ANNULET ) Jewelled ( on its upper edge ).
Sun in his glory: The sun represented as a roundel with rays alternately straight and wavy.
Surmounted: Overlaid.

Third: The third ( DEXTER BASE )
Third of the: ( See OF THE FIRST, SECOND, etc. ).
Thistle: The stylised flower, calyx and stalk only, unless "LEAVED".
Three, two, three and one: Arranged three above two above three above one.
Tincture: Any of the colours ( GULES, AZURE, SABLE, VERT PURPURE ) metals ( OR, ARGENT ) and furs ( ERMINE, etc. ).
Trefoil: A figure having three leaves or petals and a stalk.
Tressure: A narrow band near the outer edge of a FIELD. (See also DOUBLE TRESSURE )
Turned up; Turn-up: Where the outer edge of a lining or facing of a CAP is turned up.

Undy: wavy.

Vert: Green.

The Glossary contains those Heraldic Terms found in Buchanan Heraldry and makes no pretence of being a comprehensive list of Heraldic Terms. For those sufficiently interested in pursuing the subject there are a number of excellent reference books availble in most public libraries. CAB