The company of Buchanan and Harvey was established in 1975 with the principal shareholders being Claude Askel Buchanan and his brother-in-law Bruce James Harvey.
The company was engaged in the early years in the manufacture of toiletry items, and shortly after establishment moved into the manufacture of essences, emulsions, and other material for use in the Food Industry.
The company was for many years, manufacturing licencee to Universal Flavors of Indianapolis, U.S.A., part of a public company Universal Foods of Milwaukee, U.S.A.
Buchanan and Harvey was sold in 1989 to Universal Flavors and operates under that name at the present time.

The arms are recorded in Lyon Register Volume 69, Page 64, 18 November 1987.

THE ARMS: Per pale dexter Or, a lion rampant Sable armed and langued Gules holding in its dexter paw a man‘s heart Proper, a double tressure flory counterflory Sable all within a bordure engrailed quarterly Gules and Vert charged with two crescents in centre chief and in base accompanied by four mullets Argent. sinister, Gules, on a bend Or, three trefoils Vert; overall on a pale Argent three gouttes Vert.

THE MOTTO: 'E Labore Dulcedo' ( Pleasure arises out of labour.)