History of the Clan Buchanan Origins - another view point

The Buchanans belong to a numerous clan settled in Stirlingshire on the North side on Loch Lomond The reputed founder of the clan was Anselyn son of O'Kyan king ofUlster, in Ireland.
Anselyn is said to have fled Ireland accompanied by some attendant to escape the Danes. He landed on the northern coast of Argylshire near Lennox, about the year 1016. According to clan tradition he lent asssitance to King Malcolm II in repelling the Danes, and for his services received from King Malcolm a grant of lands in the North of Scotland. This information does seem to conflict with the known historical facts of the granting of the Island of Clairinch to the Clan.

Further doubt is cast upon the veracity of the traditonal stories of clan origins by thefollowing.
"It is stated in the clan traditions that Anselyn married the heiress of the lands of Buchanan, a lady named Dennistoun: the Dennistoun clan derive their name from the lands given to a family of the name of Danziel, who came to Scotland with Alan, the father of the founder of the Abbey of Paisley, and the first dapifer, seneschal, or steward of Scotland. No heiress of the name could have been in Scotland until long after the period in which Anselyn lived. It is more probable that a portion of what afterwards became the estate of Buchanan flrmed a part of some royal grant as being connected with the estates of the Earls of Lennox whom Skene and Napier have established to have been remotely connected with the royal Canmore line and to have been in the first instance administrators on the part of the crown, of the lands which were afterwards bestowed upon them".

Further doubt is cast upon the Buchanan of Auchmar story by work undertaken by Mr. Henry Paton on behalf of William Buchanan who gifted the Isle of Clair inch to the Buchanan Society in Glasgow. Henry Paton states that Auchmar story holds little credence and the origins of the Clan point rather to a connection with the Earl of Lennox via Macbed that "good and discreet Judge", descendant of Hided from whom sprang the Earl of Lennox.

It must be noted that no dates or references are given regarding the information out lined above and therefore the statement can not be verified at this point. Information may come to light at some point but in the intervening period I leave it to readers to form their own opinions.