Clan Buchanan Society International Inc.

The Clan Buchanan Society was established at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games and Gathering, North Carolina, in the United States of America in July 1970, and was formally established as a corporation in the City of Columbia on September 3 1974

The Society was established to foster and promote understanding and good fellowship among descendants of Scotsman around the world; to study, preserve and promote the culture, customs and traditions of the people of Scotland and the Isles, especially with regard to the Clan Buchanan.
To foster and promote the organization by initiating goals consistent with our heritage and the desires of the membership.

Full membership of the Clan Buchanan Society International Inc. is open to men and women who are direct lineal descendants of a Scot bearing the surname Buchanan, or who can trace his/her ancestry to a Scot of the Clan Buchanan or one of its Septs.
The spouse of such person shall also be eligible for membership.
The Executive Council of the Clan Buchanan Society International Inc. may recognize such Septs as it deems proper, which have an historical and valid connection with the Clan Buchanan.

Affiliate membership is open to others.

The following Blazon and Motto have been registered in the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland

Or a lion rampant Sable, armed and langued Gules between three boars heads erased Gules all with a double tressure flory counterflory Sable.
Above the shield is placed an helemet befitting an Incorporated Society with mantling Sable doubled Or, on a wreath of the liveries is set for crest a phoenix rising Azure, flames Proper, on his head a cap of honour Gules turned up Ermine, tufted on top by a rose Gules all within two laurel branches disposed orelways Proper. In an escroll above the crest is set the motto - COLLIGITE FRAGMENTA NE PEREANT.
Registered in Lyon Register 65th page, 81st. volume , 6th day of July 2002, 51st. year of the reign of Elizabeth II

The Clan Buchanan Society International Inc. ( CBSI ) offers many benefits to its members, and is continually looking at ways to make membership more meaningful and benefical. Members views and ideas are solicited by officers in both formal and informal ways and are passed along to the executive council for consideration. Principal benefits are described below.

Scottish Gatherings - There are many Scottish Festivals and Highland Games conducted annually around the USA. The Society tries to have personal representatives at as many gatherings as possible, and seeks individual members to represent the Society to the highland games as athletes, pipes, drummers and dancers. Such gatherings are an ideal way for members to connect with others with similar interests. The opportunity for cultural education and fellowship can be found in every geographical region.

Official Publication - THE BUCHANAN BANNER is a highly professional publication which is sent to all members. It includes articles and items on the present, past, and future activities of the Society as well as names, addresses, telephone numbers, and where applicable, e mail address of Officers, Commissioners, and Regents. Profiles of famous Buchanan individuals, descriptions of Scottish culture, genealogical accounts, and Buchanan history provide a stimulating mix of interesting articles. The business of the society is reported, and newsworthy items about members are highlighted. The Banner is a vital communication link to its members. Additional single issues may be purchased for five dollars ( US ) per copy if available. Advertising rates are available on request.

Genealogical Service - The Society has three genealogists who provide, at no charge to Society members, limited assistance in researching their family tree. Each genealogist will accept and acknowledge family records and assist in finding additional information. Short requests that can be answered using the Buchanan files will be provided free of charge. Members requiring extensive services may contract with the genealogist on an individual bases with the USfifty dollar start-up fee being waived. The names and addresses of the Society genealogists cab be found in The Banner on the Clan Officials page.

Genealogical Library - The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogical Library, located in the Moultrie-Colquitt County Library in Moultrie, Georgia, serves as the official repository of records, documents, relics and artifacts for the Society and its individual members if they so desire. The Odom Library's bi-monthly newspaper is called THE FAMILY TREE. If you wish to receive this free publication, look for the Library's address and telephone number in THE BUCHANAN BANNER listed on the Clan Officials page, or contact them directly at

Fellowship and Leadership - Perhaps the greatest benefit of membership will be the many new friends you will make and family members you will learn about as you participate in new social and cultural experiences. The Society needs conveners, regents, commissioners, and elected officers. All of these positions need to come from the ranks of the membership. We hope you will give serious consideration to joining the Clan Buchanan Society International Inc. today.