The old Leny home pictured here and now an historic home - well restored and maintained. Above the door carved in stone can be seen a coat of arms celebrating the marriage of John Buchanan-Hamilton and Margaret daughter of George Seton of the Cariston family.

The arms are of interest for a number of reasons:

  • The arms have never been registered in the Public Register of all Arms and Bearings in Scotland – Lyon Register, and are therefore assumed.
  • The arms show Buchanan supporters and John Buchanan-Hamilton was not entitled to the supporters.
  • The arms can be described as follows:
    Dexter, Quarterly: 1st. Or, a lion rampant Sable, armed and langued Gules, in a tressure flory counter-flory, 2nd & 3rd. Gules, on a chevron between three cinquefoils Argent a boar's head couped of the First, in middle chief point an annulet Or, 4th Argent, on a chevron between three boar's heads a cinquefoil; Sinister, Quarterly: 1st & 4th Or, three crescents within a double tressure flory counter-flory Gules, 2nd & 3rd Argent, on a chevron Sable between two otter's heads couped Sable, langued Gules, in chief and a fleur-de-lys in base Gules an otter's head Argent, langued Gules ( there are a variety of blazons for this particular quarter and rather difficult from the carvings to be absolutely precise as to the charges – comment by Lyon Clerk ) The crests are fairly standard Buchanan and Hamilton and the supporters are Buchanan supporters, but as indicated above John Buchanan-Hamilton was not entitled to the supporters, nor did he record a quartered coat of Buchanan and Hamilton, which would have established his right to use both crests.