The road from the upper end of the village of Drymen leads to the westward and across the Burn of Mar about two and a half miles from the village. In this area can be found the Parish Church. The road proceeds up a burn and passes the farms of Gartfairn, High Mains, Millrowan Wood, Milton of Buchanan, Creitihall, Gartincaber, and Auchmar.
Duncan Buchanan of Milton appears to be descended from Maurice of Buchanan, one time treasurer to the Dauphiness around 1427.This connection has to the best of my information not been proven, but it is given by Buchanan of Auchmar ( page 266 ) as an account of the origins of the family. No mention of such a connection is made in ”Strathendrick and its inhabitants from Early Times•, and so for want of further evidence we must accept Auchmar‘s statement.
Duncan Buchanan had a son Patrick who matriculated the arms depicted. Patrick had a son Norman, who in turn had a son Archibald.
Archibald settled in Dunscaithe in Skye, married Katherine McDonald of Scalpa, and by her had four sons and one daughter.
The fourth son Peter, left Skye and settled near Whitby, County York in England. He married a Miss Richardson and had by her a daughter and a son, John.
John married Sarah Arr of Renfrew and had by her a son John who became a solicitor, and Coroner Register of the County Court. He married twice, (1) Sarah Margaret Holt by whom he had a daughter, Sarah Margaret after her mother, (2) Ann Langborne of Whitby, by whom he had issue: (1) George, (2) Charles, (3) Hugh, (4) Arthur.
John Buchanan of Whitby, solicitor and Coroner Register recorded arms twice. Once in 1840 and again in 1872 when he had proven his descent from Buchanan of Milton. TThe arms of Patrick were recorded in Lyon Register Volume 1, Page 255, date uncertain, suggested between 1676 -1693.

THE ARMS: Or, a lion rampant Sable, armed and langued Gules within a double tressure flory counterflory all within a bordure of the third charged with eight crescents Argent.

THE CREST: A rose slipped Gules.

THE MOTTO: 'Ducitur Hinc Honos' ( Hence honour is derived )