Little is known of this gentleman, other than that which is recorded in the records of Lyon Court, and noted in the Ordinary of Scottish Arms by Balfour Paul in which he is referred to as Peter Whannell, alias Buchanan.

Considerable research would need to be undertaken to place him clearly within the greater Clan, and the scope and purpose of this work does not warrant such researchbeing undertaken. What we do know is that he was of the County of Atr, and descendedin the male line from the ancient family of Buchanan of Buchanan, chief of the name.

It is worth commenting upon the fact that the arms show three crescents, two in chief and one in base. The crescent being the sign of a second son, perhaps it a reasonable assumption to suggest that he was descended through three second sons.

The arms are recorded in Lyon Register Volume 1 - Page 445 - 8 August 1778.

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