W.G. Buchanan and his wife Sofia Mercedes Leese

The bearer of the arms William George Buchanan was the eldest son of George Buchanan and his wife Sofia Mercedes Leese Y Baeza. The family lived in Chile. William was born in 1865, and died in London in 1939.
The family are cadets of Drummakill via Easter and Temple Ballat, Finnick-Drummond, Little Croy, Balfunnyng, and Ballachondachie. The late George Buchanan of Dunedin
New Zealand was first cousin to William.
Their fathers, George and William Buchanan were twin brothers from JohnBuchanan of Easter & Temple Ballat, by his wife Helen Bow.
The family genealogy is clearly established back to ThomasGartincaber, third son, but second to reach adulthood, of Sir WalterBuchanan of that Ilk.
In 1934 William GeorgeBuchanan purchased the Island of Clairinch from the Montrose Estate, and upon his death in 1939 gifted the Island to the Buchanan Society in Glasgow
where it remains to this day.

The arms are recorded in Lyon Register Volume 19 - Page 40 - 21 June 1907