The Buchanans of Carbeth are descended from Sir Walter Buchanan of that Ilk, via Thomas Buchanan, first of Gartincaber and Drummakill. Thomas was the tird son of Sir Walter ( second to reach adulthood ). Thomas was granted the lands of Gartincaber by his brother Patrick Buchanan of that Ilk as shown in a charter of 1461. Thomas Buchanan of Gartnegaber and Drummakill had three sons (1) Robert who succeeded to Drummakill and Moss,(2) Thomas of Carbeth, (3) Walter of Balwill. Thomas, first of Carbeth had a conveyancing of the lands of Carbeth from his father dated 31 May 1482, and died before 1493. He left two sons, (1) Thomas who succeeded (2) John in Easter Ballat. Thomas succeeded to Carbeth, to the Temple lands, and Boquhanbeg 10 June 1493. He appears to have lived quite a long time, and must have been over eighty when he died. Thomas had one son John who died before his father, without issue. His nephew Thomas ( sonof John in Easter Ballat ) succeeded to Carbeth. The family held Carbeth until the death of John Buchanan, twelfth Laird of Carbeth, who died 14 March 1872. He was succeeded by two daughters (1) Ann Jane Buchanan (2) Henriatta Charlotte Buchanan. The two daughters sold Carbeth. At one time Charles Kincaid Buchanan was the male repesentative of the family of Carbeth. Charles was the son of James Buchanan who settled in Canada, who in turn was the third son of John eleventh of Carbeth. The Buchanan famly of Blairlusk are Cadets of Carbeth and members of this family settled in Ireland and America. The family of William Boyton Buchanan of Los Angeles, whose son William Boyton Buchanan born 1908, are connected.
The arms are listed in Volume I Plate 22 of a System of Heraldry by Alexander Nisbet, first published in 1722 and appear not to have been registered in the Public Register of all Arms and Bearings in Scotland.

THE ARMS: Or, a lion rampant Sable armed and langued Gules holding in his dexter paw a cap of honour turned up Ermine, surmounted by a rose Gules, all within a double tressure flory counterflory Sable.

THE CREST: A dexter hand holding a scimitar Proper
THE MOTTO: 'Audacia Et Industria' ( By boldness and hardwork )