Bookplate of Clude Askel Buchanan

CLAUDE ASKEL BUCHANAN ( Cadet of Drummakill )

The family of John Buchanan and Helen Bow in are descended from Sir Walter Buchanan of that Ilk, through Gartincaber, Drummakill, Balllachondachie, Balfunyng, ( Johnne Buchanan Notary ) Little Croy, Blairennich, Finnick-Drummond, and Easter and Temple Ballat. John and Helen had issue; (1) twin sons, George and William, (2) Benjamin, (3) Robert McGoune, (4) John. George the elder twin went to Chile and was the father of William George Buchanan who gifted the Island of Clairinch to the Buchanan Society in Glasgow. The only surviving male member of this branch of the family is John Buchanan ( son of George Elliott Buchanan younger son of George and Sofia )an elderly batchelor still living in 1998 in Santiago Chile. Females of the family married and their children still live in Chile. The family of Vice Admiral Jorge Balaresque (R) are connected. Jorges mother was Sofia Buchanan daughter of George Buchanan and his wife Sofia Mercades Leese y Baeza. William the younger twin went to New Zealand, married Emma Bock and had issue; (1) William Alfred, died unmarried (2) George Alexander Buchanan ( of whom later ) (3) Florence Helen, (4) Charlotte Searle. George Alexander married Myra Irene MacGregor, and had issue. (1) Claude Alexander1905-1977, (2) George Ernest Maxwell 1907-1971, (3) Iaan MacGregor 1909-1964, (4) Myra Irene Mercades 1911-1999, (5) Basil Earle 1914-1983. Claude Alexander married twice; (1) Elizabeth Lilian Grout-Smith (2) Ngairi Florence Ada Brian. By his first marriage he had (1) Claude Askel - born 1932 (2) Patricia - born 1933. By his second marriage he had (1) John MacGregor Buchanan - born 1946. The family lived in Dunedin for many years. Claude Askel the bearer of these arms married on 19 December 1966 Robin Jean Harvey daughter of John Blacklock Harvey of Hamilton New Zealand. Claude and Robin have issue (1) Iaan Buchanan- born 8 Jan 1969 (2) Mark Sean Buchanan- born 19 May 1970. Claude matriculated the arms of Drummakill with a difference and these are recorded in the Public Register of all Arms and Bearings in Scotland ( Lyon Register ) Volume 68, Page 24, dated 7 January 1985.
THE ARMS: Or, alion rampant Sable, armed and langued Gules, holding in his dexter paw a man's heart Proper, a double tressure flowered and counterflowered of the second, all within a bordure engrailed quarterly of the third and Vert chargd with two cresents in centre chief and in base accompanied by four mullets Argent.
THE CREST: A dexter hand couped at the wrist holding a sword in bend Proper within a wreath of oak leaves Vert.
THE MOTTO: 'Pro Me Si Mereor In Me' ( For me or against me. ) This motto was chosen in honour of George Buchanan tutor to James VI - I of Scotland and England. The motto was given by George to James for use on the first coin struck during the reign of James.

( The arms of Claude's younger son Mark Sean can be seen on this site under Buchanan ofAuckland - Cadet of Drummakill. )